About Us

If you know him, you love him. It's as simple as that.

Zack (originally Zachary Alexander) was adopted (along with his non-related sister that he grew up with, Sophie) from the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter in May of 2009. He graduated at the top of his class for Obedience shortly thereafter at the ripe old age of 7. His favorite parts were Agility and the treats! (Ask him to give you a performance of his tricks some time! He loves to show off!)

In January of 2012, Zack was starting to show some suspicious signs. Before we could get confirmation that he was diabetic, Zack started showing serious signs of distress. We rushed to Animerge to discover that he had severe pancreatitis, dangerously low blood sugar, and his liver and kidneys were inflamed.

We almost lost him.

Thankfully, after a week in intensive care, and multiple visits from me, Sophie, and thoughtful friends, Zack pulled through.

We are very grateful to the folks at Animerge (especially Dr. Harrison) for taking such good care of Zack and for allowing me to add supplements and homeopathics to Zack's treatment plan for a truly integrative approach.

His blood sugar is now regulated and he gets daily insulin shots, vitamins, and a special diet. He has gone blind due to cataracts (a side effect of the diabetes) but other than that, Zack is as happy as ever, and truly loves his job.